Jane Toppan

That is my ambition, to have killed more people — more helpless people — than any man or woman who has ever lived. Jane Toppan On August 17th, 1854 a woman called Honora Kelley was born in Boston. Her parents Bridget Kelley and Peter Kelley were Irish immigrants.  Nora (as Honora was known) was theContinue reading “Jane Toppan”

Albert Fish

None of us are saints. — Hamilton Howard Fish I’m going to start by talking about the events that lead to his arrest, and then I’ll get into the his backstory. Get your beverage of choice and some snacks. This blog is about ‘The Gray Man‘, also known as ‘The Werewolf of Wisteria‘, ‘The BrooklynContinue reading “Albert Fish”

Introducing Myself

I’m so awkward and introverted, so this might be the most awkward post I’ll have to ever make. That’s me. Becky the twenty-something from Birmingham, Uk. What’s the point of this blog? I have been practically obsessed and intrigued by serial killers since I can remember. I’m not sure where the fascination stems from; couldContinue reading “Introducing Myself”